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Partner with VereTech - Start Earning $$$

Partner with VereTech, the online retail outlet for IT Software & Hardware and earn $$$ when a visitor clicks to VereTech from your content and buys.




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Review our requirements, and if you beleive we can both benefit from this arrangement, contact us.


Once you have an affiliate account, you can start promoting VereTech Shop.


Every time your referral completes an order, you will earn a benefit.



Why work with VereTech?

As an affiliate of VereTech, you can market products, sales and discounts available on the VereTech Shop using the channels available to you, every time a visitor clicks through from your content to VereTech Shop and completes an order, you'll receive a benefit.

Benefits Channels (1 available per Affiliate)
Earn upto %5 commision on your visitors orders for a wide range of products.Discounts of upto %5 available for you and your visitors through the use of a discount code.Monthly giveaways sent to you or to your visitors within Australia to the value of %5 of your monthly sales.


We review every application individually to ensure that new affiliates meet our requirements for approval. All affiliates must abide by the following:

  • Quality content
    • Your content must be free of illegal, offensive, questionable or low-quality content or links to content containing such.
  • Active Australian Market
    • Affiliates should ideally have content focused on an Australian audience. Affiliates without a recognizable business model may be denied acceptance into the program.
    • "VereTech Shop", a sub site to "VereTech", only accepts orders from customers in Australia. You may be located anywhere in the world, but your site and marketing activities should be focused on the Australian market.
  • Payment Processing
    • Affiliates must be able to send and receive emails.
    • Affiliates applying for 'Commision Benefits' must:
      • be able to create and send monthly Tax Invoices.
      • be able to reveive payments via either Bank Transfer, PayPal or VISA credit card.


Whenever a transaction associated to the affiliate occurs, you, the affiliate, will be emailed with the transaction details, withholding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the purchaser.
At the end of the each calander month, the affiliate is responsible for sending a Tax Invoice containing each transaction on a seperate line, charging %5 for each transaction.Not Applicable.

At the end of the each calander month, the affiliate is able to place an order online to the value of %5 for each transaction that occured for the previous month.

Monthly givaways are not stackable and must be claimed within 1 month.



We reserve the right to withdraw your affiliate program at anytime and without warning this includes disabling your affiliate link and any discount codes.